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In my experience, engineering is to a large degree a linear, stepwise process, while planning often isn’t.

How do you document to the satisfaction of an engineer how you got from objective to strategy by a flash of brilliance?

They seem to want me to be the strategic ideas person *and* the one to do the grunt work.

It’s a bloody hard act to pull off doing both.

Nuff said.

Tuesday. 5.30 am. On my way to Sydney, again. Big boss rang about 3 o’clock yesterday and starts with an ominous “what are you doing tomorrow?”. Turns out i’m wanted to workshop something for a client with short timeframe but deep pockets.

Gonna be a long day.

Back from a couple of days in Sydney last week. I reckon this must be the first time I’ve been there and not visited the harbour. As my work and hotel were I’m the same complex I didn’t get out much. I had some time in the evening but I didn’t fancy the Quay at night. I did get to the state library for a bit for some more family history research.

I’m not sure if I like Sydney or not. It seems a lot more down-beat and definitely grottier than Brisbane. Then again, not many cities are pretty at 9 o’clock at night!

Sydney Airtrain was very much appreciated though. City to airport in 15 mins every 10. Why can’t Brisbane’s do that?