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I have been sitting at the Dorrington bus stop for 50 minutes now. Nothing on TLS website or Twitter about delays.

I will be late.

I wonder if I can sue Translink for loss and consequential damages?

Seriously jacked off here.

Can anyone tell me why the 398 bus leaves Ferny Grove station in the evenings a full 24 minutes after the train arrives? It’s not as if it’s a bustling centre to keep you occupied either.

Are they setting up the bus to fail?

Translink has released draft new rail timetables for comment. They have been developed in response to the opening next year if the Richlands branch which will require recasting is the Ipswich and Caboolture line timetables.

Much was made in the media of how there would be trains every 15 minutes all day. While this is true – and a good thing – for stations Darra to the city, there are a lot of things that are not so great.

Firstly, in order to get the 15 minutes headway, what they have done is alternate all-stops Richlands and Ipswich trains, meaning passengers from stations beyond Darra still have to stop all stations on the long trip to the city.

Secondly, such express services there are in the peak have been pruned with no real benefit to the passenger.

Thirdly, Translink has pretty much thumbed its nose at Caboolture line passengers. Not only have their peak hour express services been cut back, there is no compensating off peak service upgrade: still only a 30 minute all stop service off peak.

While I understand and applaud the desire for service pattern rationalization I’m very disappointed that the don’t seem to be able to break out of the old “half hour all stops to everywhere” paradigm. It’s all the worse because the new draft Integrated Regional Transport Plan for SEQ (“Connecting SEQ 2031″) does.

Translink should be using this opportunity to try the new not just repeat the old.