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Very busy day today.

Just wanted to say how thrilled I am to receive a comment on yesterday’s post from no less a personage than Ron Oliver, director of the Donald Strachey movies I like so much.

I should have done a better job at a review :)

A great thing about going out with someone in the media is that you get to see a lot of movies. A couple of things I’ve seen lately that tickled my fancy:

1. Inception. Saw this at the media preview the day before release. I enjoyed this. I’d say it is what The Matrix might have been without all the semi-religious waffle that ended up with it disappearing up its own fundamental :)  Better acted too. I’ll probably not bother watching it again though. Enjoyable but nothing lasting.

2. On DVD I’ve recently picked up a couple of telemovies in the “Donald Strachey” series. They’re gay themed detective movies of the old school starring out actor Chad Allen and a pretty darned good actor he is too. So far I’ve seen Third Man Out, A Shock to the System and On the Other Hand, Death. Personally, I reckon A Shock to the System is the best. It’s the story of a young man who committed suicide after becoming the poster boy for an ‘ex-gay’ group. Or was it murder? Highly recommended if you’re into a rattling good American detective yarn.