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One of the problems with exercising and losing some superfluous padding is that bus rides are becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

Time for better bus seats and suspension please!

Information in the Brisbane bus system is generally pretty good. The Translink website is pretty comprehensive, timetables are available from most council libraries and various information centres. Buses all have clear route numbers and destinations, with all but the oldest buses having very bright digital displays. Just about every stop in the network has a timetable, bigger stops in the city and at interchanges have maps too. At many major stops and interchanges there are also digital displays indicating the next few bus departures (this is based on a recorded timetable, not real-time, though)

There is one really weird feature of the system that can cause confusion to the new user.

Most bus routes have two “different” destinations depending what form of information you are looking at. If you use the printed timetables or look at the bus itself you get one destination. If you look at the digital displays or on timetables posted on timetables you get a completely different destination listed!

Take my route for example, if you have a look at the printed timetable (or its pdf version) you will be told that it is 433 Kenmore South to City (all stops). When the bus comes along its destination sign will tell you 433 Kenmore via Indooroopilly (or 433 City via Indooroopilly) depending on the direction. Fair enough I guess.

Now, however, if you look at a timetable posted on a bus stop, or at one of the digital displays (see above) it will be 433 Kilkivan. Where? Well the final stop on this route would appear to be Stop 39A (“Kilkivan Av Opp Cromarty St”) which has been loaded into the electronic system as “Kilkivan”.

Similarly there is no such place as “Centenary”. Bus 106 goes to Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre (in Mt Ommaney), which is located just off Centenary Highway.

There is, however, a place called Moggill and as the bus terminus is a turnaround at a corner paddock, it’s called Moggill. The destination will be 444 Moggill BUZ.

Confusing? Yes.