I have been hum-ing and ha-ing about what to write in a follow-up post on the ICRCS. After the release by the government of proposals a fortnight ago, there was a lot of buzz and then silence. A lot of the feedback (particularly in the Courier Mail) was very negative. In the rail and transport ‘fan’ community there was also a lot of discussion about why various things were proposed and why others weren’t.

I have been giving quite a few informal briefings at work on what the project was and why it found what it did, but I don’t feel at liberty to talk outside about it as much as I might like. Hopefully, the government will release more information from the very extensive study reports soon.

What I do want to say though is that Brisbane/SEQ badly needs a strategic rail network review. Something that looks at where the city is growing over the next 20-30 years (and beyond) and what rail network will be needed to serve it. This needs to not just tot up the existing SEQIPP suburban extensions, but also look at trunk and middle suburb needs (Newstead – Bulimba – Hamilton – Northgate ? Spring Hill – Newmarket – Stafford – Petrie?) to keep the network effective.

The ICRCS makes a start for the inner city, but the rest still needs to be done.