They are rarely on time, uncomfortable when they do arrive and I’m paying about $150 per month for the privilege.

I actually found myself yesterday wishing my employer was in the burbs so I could drive to work!

I have been sitting at the Dorrington bus stop for 50 minutes now. Nothing on TLS website or Twitter about delays.

I will be late.

I wonder if I can sue Translink for loss and consequential damages?

Seriously jacked off here.

The stuff they play over the PA at Fitness First is truly horrible. I just can’t blank it out. I swear I would work out more often is they just turned it off!

Can anyone tell me why the 398 bus leaves Ferny Grove station in the evenings a full 24 minutes after the train arrives? It’s not as if it’s a bustling centre to keep you occupied either.

Are they setting up the bus to fail?

The pop muzak that Fitness First pumps through the PA just irritated me no end. I simply cannot workout today.

I do not like noise. I need peace to concentrate.

Posted time + 10 minutes +/- 15 minutes.

I’d love to see a ‘value of time’ calculation on that!

  • 3 car trains which stop at the far end of the platform, not the middle, so you have to run along the platform to get on
  • Bus drivers at Roma Street busway station which stop halfway down the platform, not the lead stop, because they are inbound and therefore don’t expect to be picking up passengers
  • The stupid PIDs at Roma Street busway station which have to correlation whatsoever to the buses that might (or might not arrive)
  • Buses that only run once an hour at night (usually 5 minutes before whatever you are doing is finished)

That’s it for the moment!