After a stormy week and a rainy weekend we finally got a nice sunny day yesterday. It was even cool enough to sleep comfortably. This morning has been fine too, so I grabbed 15 minutes to spray what was left if the vege patch with Dipel for caterpillars. It was too late for the parsley and capsicums but it might do the cucumbers and tomatoes some good.

The weather this past week has been simply appalling. It has rarely stopped raining for more than a couple of hours, and even when it has the humidity has been terrible.

Moss is already starting to grow in the low bits of the garden and if the ground doesn’t dry soon I may have a mosquito problem.

As a result, the vege garden is looking very sad. The tomatoes don’t like the damp and caterpillars have been having a field day on the them, as well as the capsicums, parseley, strawberries and the orange tree. I haven’t been able to spray because of the wet.

So far though, the cucumber vine is looking good and the lime tree appears immune to whatever bug is ravaging the orange tree.

Fingers crossed!

This is the time of year it makes you think gardening in Brisbane is possible. On Saturday I put in the vege patch. Tomatoes, basil, capsicum, cucumbers and parsley. I know basil loves the climate here, tomatoes do okay as long as it doesn’t get too stormy for and they get waterlogged. The others are more experimental.

This year, I have covered the whole lot in a 5 foot high tent arrangement of netting right down to the ground. Hopefully this will keep the possums from eating everything in sight. Today is Wednesday and so far so good.

Fingers crossed!

So what’s been happening lately?

Well, I’ve pretty much given up on gardening for the moment. What the storms last Aututm didn’t wash away have been chomped, chewed, ripped up or stomped on by a range of wildlife. I have netted everything to try and stop the flying foxes, possums and bush turkeys, sprayed for grasshoppers, but there is still something (cutworms?) that manage to eat just about every seedling I put down. At least the peach tree in the front yard is flowering. That’s something!

I’m still working. I’ve switched teams again after an organisation redesign, and this has lowered my stress levels incredibly. I’m no longer spending hours walking about in a daze, and my hair has stopped falling out. It can still be incredibly frustrating though, especially when clients don’t take your advice, make their own decisions, then expect you to justify their decision. The joys of working as a consultant I guess.

In other news, I hosted a birthday party on the weekend. I’m definitely getting old. By 10.30 pm I wanted to turn the stereo off and kick them all out. A coffee kept me going till 11.30 then the last of the party left to go clubbing. I washed some dishes and went to bed!