I was thinking the other day about bus destination signs (sad, I know). I thought it a bit odd how different cities’ services label the CBD destination.

Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane all have destination “City”. Melbourne’s trams often use a combination of “City” and street name or just the street name. Or at least they used to, I don’t know what the modern ones do. I *think* Hobart uses “City” too.

Sydney buses are a little different and they use the “district” of the CBD that they terminate in. These are mostly the same as the railway station. Some that I remember are “Wynyard”, “Circular Quay” and of “Railway” (for Railway Square/Central Station). I have a vague recollection of “City-Wynyard” as well. I wouldn’t mind knowing what some of the longer distance suburban services (e.g. Westbus’ services from Castle Hill) say.

Finally there is Perth. For some reason, the default is “Perth”, not “City”. Older buses will say “Perth” or “Wellington Street Bus Station”. Newer buses use “Esplanade Busport” or “Welllington Street Bus Station”. Some of the services from the outer Northern suburbs use “Perth City Centre”.

Odd. Not important, but odd.