Major delays to Brisbane trains today due to power failure near Fortitude Valley. By 7 pm when I travelled trains were running but not to any known timetable.

Departure screens at Fort. Valley, Central and Roma St all blank with only 2 platforms open and departures announced by PA. I guess they are doing their best.

For once, I’m glad I’m travelling by bus!

One of the problems with exercising and losing some superfluous padding is that bus rides are becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

Time for better bus seats and suspension please!

6:30 am in Brisbane and it’s 5 degrees. I am not riding my bike today. I’m getting soft in my old age. Luckily, I have a bus with heating :-)

I have been sitting at the Dorrington bus stop for 50 minutes now. Nothing on TLS website or Twitter about delays.

I will be late.

I wonder if I can sue Translink for loss and consequential damages?

Seriously jacked off here.

I have just noticed that there are no ‘next train’ indicators on the platforms at South Brisbane station. I know there used to be dot matrix displays. I wonder when they disappeared.

In a more positive vein, there are timetables for all lines posted outside the station. I don’t think any other city station has this.

The 9:57 Gold Coast train this morning left Roma St bang on time to the second. The platform attendant made a loud call just before blowing the whistle with a few seconds to go.

So why then did the PA make an announcement just as the train *left* the platform? Is it an inaccurate automated system? Whatever the reason, it gives a poor impression.

1. Why is Queensland Rail still running an emergency hourly timetable on the Ferny Grove line?
2. Is the Great Circle Line bus running today?
3. How many calories do you burn standing at a bus stop?

My part of town has been spared flooding. The rain had kept off for two days now, so the flash floods have kept the local creek in its banks. We’re far enough away from the Brisbane River to be spared back flows.

The roads have been open and clear, apart from rock falls closing one lane on Musgrave Road at Red Hill. Even the swamp that was my back yard is starting to dry out.

PT is still out. Translink is running a skeleton service on BUZ routes and some train lines only.

I will be back at work as soon as the CBD is cleared for action. Officially that should be tomorrow, but a lot depends on Energex and if it can guarantee electricity supply. Of course, this relies on floods going down and no more rain!

I am just thankful I don’t live in one of the affected areas. They will be horrible for weeks to come.

And thanks to all who have called or written so send wishes. It’s appreciated.

Truly appalling scenes of devastation in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley. Now the Brisbane River is breaking its banks. Ipswich city centre is underwater and Brisbane CBD is shut down. Just incredible. And scary.

We’re stocked up and should be high enough to not get flooded. But we’re bracing for the worst.

Dear Qantas,

If you are going to rope off your internet bag drop at Brisbane airport on Christmas morning and make unintelligible call forward announcements and refuse a checked in passenger because the check on queue was so long he misses the 30 minute bag drop deadline then your staff should show some manners and not be rude.

Otherwise you will find yourself losing more long term loyal customers.

That is all.

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