One of the problems with exercising and losing some superfluous padding is that bus rides are becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

Time for better bus seats and suspension please!

I have made a resolution to get to the gym every morning before work this week and see if I can make a habit of it.

I have dug out my ipod so that should make the Fitness First environment slightly less intolerable:-)

The stuff they play over the PA at Fitness First is truly horrible. I just can’t blank it out. I swear I would work out more often is they just turned it off!

I have had this cold for the past fortnight and just can’t shake it. Hope it’s cleared by the end of the week. We’re flying down to Melbourne for a few days’ R&R.

The pop muzak that Fitness First pumps through the PA just irritated me no end. I simply cannot workout today.

I do not like noise. I need peace to concentrate.

I got back to the gym trainer today after a good 5 weeks off. Of course he hits me with a fitness test. The result? Despite a month of American food I haven’t gained weight but I have lost all flexibility and some stamina. Actually i’m pretty happy with that. A session with my massage therapist and I should be able to get right back into it.