It’s 6 am and 6 degrees and I’m standing at the bus stop going to the gym. I must be mad!

In my experience, engineering is to a large degree a linear, stepwise process, while planning often isn’t.

How do you document to the satisfaction of an engineer how you got from objective to strategy by a flash of brilliance?

Major delays to Brisbane trains today due to power failure near Fortitude Valley. By 7 pm when I travelled trains were running but not to any known timetable.

Departure screens at Fort. Valley, Central and Roma St all blank with only 2 platforms open and departures announced by PA. I guess they are doing their best.

For once, I’m glad I’m travelling by bus!

One of the problems with exercising and losing some superfluous padding is that bus rides are becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

Time for better bus seats and suspension please!

6:30 am in Brisbane and it’s 5 degrees. I am not riding my bike today. I’m getting soft in my old age. Luckily, I have a bus with heating :-)

They are rarely on time, uncomfortable when they do arrive and I’m paying about $150 per month for the privilege.

I actually found myself yesterday wishing my employer was in the burbs so I could drive to work!

Up on the Sunshine Coast for the weekend. My goodness it’s chilly! About 10 deg C outside last night and the house has no heating. Brr!

I have made a resolution to get to the gym every morning before work this week and see if I can make a habit of it.

I have dug out my ipod so that should make the Fitness First environment slightly less intolerable:-)


… for reasons too complicated to explain …

I have been sitting at the Dorrington bus stop for 50 minutes now. Nothing on TLS website or Twitter about delays.

I will be late.

I wonder if I can sue Translink for loss and consequential damages?

Seriously jacked off here.

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